Anfacer participates in meeting with ApexBrasil to encourage exports from the sector

Ceramics of Brazil
January 2024

Last Wednesday, January 24, Anfacer, together with businesspeople from the ceramics sector, was in Brasilia for a meeting at ApexBrasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency). Led by the President of ApexBrasil, Jorge Viana, the meeting discussed the importance of the sector and how to boost exports by encouraging the offer of Brazilian ceramic products on the international market. Also discussed was the expansion of the Buyer Project, an initiative already successfully carried out by Anfacer, which aims to increase the number of international buyers who come to Brazil during Expo Revestir.

Through the Ceramics of Brazil Sector Project, Anfacer and ApexBrasil have a long-standing partnership of more than 20 years, which has helped the sector in the process of internationalization, in the search for and expansion of new markets and in increasing the competitiveness of Brazilian ceramics abroad.

A major player on the world market, the Brazilian ceramics industry is highly competitive. With its export vocation, it distributes products to more than 110 countries on all continents.

The meeting was attended by Jorge Viana, President of ApexBrasil; Maria Paula Velloso, Industry and Services Manager at ApexBrasil, Maurício Borges, Executive President of Anfacer; Cesar Gomes, President of Portobello and Vice-Chairman of Anfacer's Board of Directors; Benjamin Ferreira Neto, President of Alfagres and Vice-Chairman of Anfacer's Board of Directors; Ocira Castro Franc, Manager of Eliane Brasil; Rafael Fior, Supply Manager of Carmelo Fior; Melissa Sarinho, Anfacer's International Relations Coordinator and Walter Filippetti, Anfacer consultant.

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