Maximiliano Gaidzinski College: Revolutionizing the Ceramics Industry through Education and Innovation

Ceramics of Brazil
April 2024

In the 1970s, the Brazilian ceramics industry experienced a period of intense expansion, led by institutions such as Eliane Revestimentos. Headquartered in Cocal do Sul, Santa Catarina, the company faced numerous challenges at the beginning, such as a shortage of skilled labor. 

It was in this context that the businessman and founder of Eliane, Maximiliano Gaidzinski, realizing the need for action, was inspired by his son Edson's idea to create an educational establishment: the Maximiliano Gaidzinski College (CMG). 

Inaugurated in March 1979, the CMG began its activities with 56 full-time students, offering educational activities as well as free school supplies and food, establishing a pioneering model of quality technical education. 

The school currently has 231 students, split between secondary and technical levels, and is committed to preparing students for the job market and for a conscious role in society. In addition, the educational programs are extensive and diversified, covering technical courses in Ceramics and Electromechanics, as well as subjects such as Health and Safety, Interpersonal Relations, Technical Writing and Computer Science. 

CMG also excels in robotics and automation, quality control and scientific methodology, offering students a comprehensive education that includes participation in literary competitions, knowledge olympiads and presentations at technical congresses.

80% of graduates work in the ceramics sector

In its four decades of operation, Colégio Maximiliano Gaidzinski has graduated a significant number of students from the High School, Ceramics Technician and Electromechanics Technician courses.

Around 80% of them work in the ceramics sector, in ceramic tile industries, industries that process ceramic raw materials, commercial representations, research institutions, red ceramics industries, refractory products and electromechanical industries. 

Most of these professionals take on leadership, management, superintendence and project coordination roles.

About Eliane Revestimentos

Eliane produces 40.8 million tiles a year. The company has six production units in Brazil, four of which are in Cocal do Sul and one in Criciúma, both in Santa Catarina, and one in Camaçari, in Bahia. 

It also has more than 15,000 points of sale throughout Brazil and a market presence in more than 80 countries.

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