Delta Nova brings several launches to Expo Revestir

Ceramics of Brazil
March 2024

Check out in detail the main launches selected for Expo Revestir 2024.


Format: 90X180 | Audace Line | DELTA NOVA

Among DELTA NOVA's launches in terms of innovation in large formats, Quarzo Indigo R-90 Polished, which is part of the Audace Line, has the elegance of the marbled tones that make up the Mineralis Collection. With dense textured graphics, the blue tones are projected at different levels, in contrast to the soft veins that appear in the bronze and white colors, generating fluidity and movement. To complement this set of characteristics, the 90x180 format with a polished finish provides a robust appearance for the composition of the environments in which it is applied.


Format: 90X180 | Audace Line | DELTA NOVA

The Audace Line, which makes up DELTA NOVA's product range, features another of its launches, the Ossido R-90 Natural. With an exuberant shape, it has a design inspired by oxidized iron, a symbol of the modern era, present in emblematic buildings around the world, whose beauty is conceived in the action of time and weathering. This material in constant metamorphosis is synonymous with solidity and brings a bold, contemporary tone to the decor.


Format: 90x90 | Evoluta Line

DELTA NOVA presents the 90x90 format in the Evoluta range, and with it comes Monier Beton- 90 Acetinado, inspired by the French inventor of reinforced concrete Joseph Monier. With a strong influence on concrete, a material that forms the core of buildings, it now stands out as an aesthetic attribute of boldness and modernity. This reference has a technological texture and a modern look, as well as Argenta, Carbon and Grigio tones and an external surface finish, giving more versatility to environments made up of these products.


Format: 90x90 | Evoluta Line

With its delicate veins and bold movements, Armani Taupe-90 Satin highlights the authenticity and exclusivity of Armani marble, which originates in the Bergamo region of Italy. In 90x90 format, Armani Taupe-90 Acetinado is another DELTA NOVA launch in the Evoluta range. It also features the Accqua and Grigio tones, which have a polished version and exude elegance and beauty in the spaces where they are applied.

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