Overview of the Brazilian ceramics industry

Ceramics of Brazil
January 2024

Exported all over the world, Brazilian ceramics are recognized for the creativity and authenticity of their design. Through the use of digital technology and high-resolution printing, it can precisely replicate the characteristics of any surface, including three-dimensional reliefs that engage all the senses.

Brazil is an important player in the global ceramic tile market, ranking third in production and consumption, and sixth in exports, with sales to more than 110 countries.

Brazilian exports of ceramic tiles totaled 88.6 million square meters in 2023, equivalent to revenues of US$392 million. The top 10 destinations included the United States, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Jamaica and Honduras. Domestic production of ceramic tiles reached 792.9 million square meters.

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The Brazilian ceramics sector has 80 manufacturing units, concentrated in three main regional centers: the states of São Paulo and Santa Catarina, and the Northeast region of the country. It generates thousands of jobs, including 50,000 direct jobs and 200,000 indirect jobs.

The country is also a leader in sustainability. Brazil produces some of the greenest ceramics in the world, with the lowest consumption of water, gas and electricity per square meter.

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