Why invest in Super Formats?

Ceramics of Brazil
May 2024

Super Formats are products that combine modern aesthetics, advanced technology and a commitment to sustainability. As the name suggests, they are pieces manufactured in larger dimensions, which go beyond the traditional size, and can reach more than 3 meters.  

In Brazil, there are already several manufacturers with this technology and modern industrial parks that produce the best in their category.

Main benefits of Super Formats:

- High-tech coating that results in elegant and sophisticated applications.

- Reduced joints, creating a feeling of spaciousness;

- Practical installation and faster completion of work, as well as less waste generation.

- Versatile use on floors and walls, creating spaciousness and a clean look, as well as applications in sinks, worktops and furniture.

- Endless possibilities for prints, colors and finishes.

- Sustainable choice!

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